Fractions Calculator

Fractions Calculator will perform basic arithmetic operations with fractions and mixed numbers.

Use this fraction calculator for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Addition and subtraction

Adding fractions

To add fractions containing unlike quantities (e.g. quarters and thirds), it is necessary to convert all amounts to like quantities. It is easy to work out the chosen type of fraction to convert to; simply multiply together the two denominators (bottom number) of each fraction.

Example Adding Fractions fraction one-eighth + fraction five-sixths

Adding Fractions fraction one-eighth plus fraction five-sixths.

Least common multiple denominators lcm(8, 6)=24.

Subtracting fractions

The process for subtracting fractions is, in essence, the same as that of adding them: find a common denominator, and change each fraction to an equivalent fraction with the chosen common denominator.

Example Subtracting fractions fraction nine-sixteenth - fraction seven-twenties

Subtracting fractions nine-sixteenth and seven-twenties.

Least common multiple denominators lcm(16, 20)=80.

Multiplying and Dividing fractions

Multiplying fractions

To multiply fractions, multiply the numerators and multiply the denominators.

Example Multiplying fractions fraction seven-eighteenth * fraction three-quarters

Multiplying fractions: seven-eighteenth and three-quarters.

Dividing fractions

To divide a fraction by a whole number, you may either divide the numerator by the number, if it goes evenly into the numerator, or multiply the denominator by the number.

Dividing fractions

Example Dividing fraction fraction four-fifths : fraction three-tenths

Dividing fraction four-fifthsх and three-tenths.